Phantom masternodes explained

Phantom nodes requires no static IP address, no copy of the blockchain, and no proof-of-service. As such, you can run a node on any IP address of your liking: or if you wish. Phantoms don’t secure the network in any way.

The phantom daemon is extremely lightweight allowing you to run hundreds of nodes from a modest machine if you wished. And, possibly most importantly, you can move your currently running masternodes to phantom nodes without restarting since a real IP address is no longer a requirement.

The phantom daemon is custom built wallet designed to replicate only what is required for pre-EVO masternodes to run; it replaces the masternode daemon piece. It does not handle any wallet private keys and has no access to your coins. You will still need a wallet to start your masternodes, but once started, the phatom node system will handle the rest for you.

This is the reason behind many platform offer Cheap hosting solutions or even free hosting solutions if you LOCK an amount of their coins. Keep in mind that these Phantomnodes don’t support/secure the network, if there are to many phantom masternodes on a single network it could create issues such as Chainsplits or a stuck chain.